Lens SDK & API

now you get the power of visual search on any video or image platform, with a few lines of code


0.5s Result Time

fastest response time globally, from video frame / image to a product in a bang



Multi-Object Detection

recognize and track multiple objects in a single frame



Detailed Feature Matching

we match the feature to the details, pixel by pixel



Easy to Integrate

a few lines of code, seamless integration


Customizable UI

user interface created based on your preference


60% Click-Through Rate

statistics show users click 60% of products matched




Catalog Directory

populate your database through a user-friendly input platform using whatever products you would like to promote


Full Control of Your Catalogs

you decide which products you want to make available and on what content


Achieve 100% Accuracy

input the right items in the directory so accuracy is achieved



Optimize Visual SEO

text search is old - visual search is 1000x more powerful, processing images like the human brain




Insights Dashboard

powerful tool to monitor the performance statistics of your products


Monitor What's Trending

with real-time statistics, see trends in demand as they happen



Set Better Prices

use real-time demand data to set better pricing



Understand Your Customers

track user clicks across all digital media; gain deeper insights into demographics



* Beta Testing Phase
Subscriber will be permitted to use the services free of charge while the platform is in the beta testing phase.