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Having begun with a single women’s clothing boutique in Chicago in 2002, AKIRA currently boasts 27 stores and about 500 employees, including stores in Wisconsin, Indiana, and now St. Louis, Missouri. Its international e-commerce website receives over 5 million pageviews per month. AKIRA is known for hip, trendy, and affordable fashion pieces that are unique and on-trend. AKIRA has been featured in Refinery29, Cosmopolitan, People, popular TV shows like Shameless, Empire, Chicago Fire, and many more.
With the customer experience at heart, AKIRA wanted to provide the easiest and most effective way for its shoppers to find the exact item they want from the thousands of products in its catalog.

Additionally, as items sold out, AKIRA wanted to keep shoppers happy by helping them quickly and conveniently find similar products to further enhance the customer experience.
The Solutions
Markable’s ecommerce suite of SDK offers a great set of solutions. And here is a list of the services AKIRA has integrated:
Value Added

total estimated increase
in revenue

of unique shoppers
used the similar product and camera search features

click through rate
for shoppers who used visual search

shoppers clicked "Add to Cart"
after directed to a product from visual search
0 shoppers used Markable’s visual search on a single online retailer since Nov. 2017
* user statistics as of end of December, live at without any promotion of the tools
** assume AKIRA’s annual revenue is 7M-10M, at 10% conversation rate with $85 per average purchase
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