Markable Unveils Ecommerce Solutions

Markable Unveils Ecommerce Solutions 

Using Fashion Object Recognition to Increase Conversions


Markable, the visual search company, unveiled a new suite of ecommerce tools designed for fashion retailers. Powered by the company’s proprietary technology, these easy to implement solutions will help e-retailers improve conversions, decrease bounce rates and increase average order value.


Brands and retailers are producing visual content like never before, spending millions of dollars on beautiful photos and videos. But are they maximizing their investment? Markable says no, and they are here to help. They want to put that content to work.


The newly released Camera Search SDK allows consumers to upload a photo to a retailer’s mobile site or app and search their product catalog for the exact or similar looking items. This feature encourages discovery and repeat visits.


With their Search Similar SDK, Markable gives users the ability to browse visually similar items in a retailer’s catalog without having to scour the site, often forgetting where they started. It also gives retailers the ability to make all images on their site shoppable. So, if a customer sees an item they like in a banner image, they can add to cart on the spot, eliminating the risk they change their mind before they drill down to the product page.


Markable’s Lookbook SDK can scan a brand’s social media content to show customers how a piece of clothing is being worn. This ‘validation’ results in fewer abandoned carts as consumers can be more confident in how an item will look on them.


Finally, Markable’s Visual SEO SDK brings order to all of those images and videos. Today, most photos must be manually tagged, a time-consuming process with generally less than stellar results. But Markable has a solution that will save time and improve search rankings. With Visual SEO, Markable can programmatically tag every photo and video with dozens of attributes that will catch the attention of search engines and bring more customers to a retailer’s site.


Each one of Markable’s products operate in real-time, without any pre-tagging or human interaction. Retailers can finally maximize their investment in visual content.


About Markable


Powered by computer vision AI technology, Markable is the leader in fashion, multi-object recognition; and with unmatched speed and accuracy, they can turn any photo or video into a virtual shopping mall.